Progression Between Levels at Coach's Discretion

1. New to Boxing

  • Customized, small-group training to learn the basics
  • learn boxing basics: stance, jan, cross
  • Learn to move forward and backward

2. Novice Recreational Memeber

  • Major emphasis on fitness and skill development
  • learn punch combinations on heavy bag and hand pads
  • box while moving in all directions
  • lear basic defence
  • body weight strength exercises

3. Registered Athlete

  • Registration with Boxing Ontario with referrel from coach
  • Consiitent participation leading to improved skills
  • Heavy focus on defence
  • live, supervised boxing situations

4. Recreational Competitor

  • Scheduled boxing training (minimum 3 classes a week)
  • Cardio and skills homework
  • 0-10 fights

5. Tournament Competition

  • Represent the club at provincial torunaments
  • Increase defensive skills
  • strenght and conditioning homework

6. High-performance Athlete

  • Team Canada potential
  • Competes regularly at national and international events
  • Balances work/school with boxing



Membership at the Beaver Boxing Club is one of the most affordable sports memberships you will find in Ottawa! We are a not-for-profit organization able to provide exceptional training thanks to our numerous volunteers.

To sign-up for a membership drop by the club or proceed to our online system and set up your account (see link below).  Click on the “sigh up” button, create your account, and then proceed to the “Shop” tab to add and pay for the membership of your choice. You may choose to pay with credit card online or pay with cash/debit in person.   Please note that before your membership is fully activated you must stop at the front desk and receive your membership card.

Student/Youth Membership prices + Tax    $47.00 montly

Youth Boxing Class |  Tue/Thu 5:15-6:00pm

Youth must be 16 or older or accompanied by an adult if they wish to train on their own, outside of Youth Technical Classes.
Click here to download and print the waiver form.

All students expected to:

Arrive on time and come prepared for class

Respect coaches. memebers, themselves at all times