Progression Between Levels at Coach's Discretion

1. New to Boxing

  • Customized, small-group training to learn the basics
  • learn boxing basics: stance, jan, cross
  • Learn to move forward and backward

2. Novice Recreational Member

  • Major emphasis on fitness and skill development
  • learn punch combinations on heavy bag and hand pads
  • box while moving in all directions
  • lear basic defence
  • body weight strength exercises

3. Registered Athlete

  • Registration with Boxing Ontario with referral from coach
  • Consistent participation leading to improved skills
  • Heavy focus on defence
  • live, supervised boxing situations

4. Recreational Competitor

  • Scheduled boxing training (minimum 3 classes a week)
  • Cardio and skills homework
  • 0-10 fights

5. Tournament Competition

  • Represent the club at provincial tournaments
  • Increase defensive skills
  • strength and conditioning homework

6. High-performance Athlete

  • Team Canada potential
  • Competes regularly at national and international events
  • Balances work/school with boxing



Membership at the Beaver Boxing Club is one of the most affordable sports memberships you will find in Ottawa! We are a not-for-profit organization able to provide exceptional training thanks to our numerous volunteers.

To sign-up for a membership drop by the club or email for more information.

Student/Youth Membership prices    $50 monthly

Youth Boxing Class |  Tue/Thu 5:15-6:00pm.       Sat 10:30am. 

Youth must be 16 or older or accompanied by an adult if they wish to train on their own, outside of Youth Technical Classes.

All students expected to:

Arrive on time and come prepared for class

Respect coaches. members, themselves at all times