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Beaver Boxing in Ottawa Ontario

Youth Program

For the past 70 years, the Beaver Boxing Club has allowed youth to develop both physically and mentally through the sport of boxing.

Target Population

The program primarily serves youth ages 11 to 17. Some exceptions may be made for youth immediately under or just over those ages on a case-by-case basis, however most participant’s fall into the 11 to 17 age group.

Training Schedule

During each 60 min session participants undergo training that closely mirrors the training that our competitive boxers undergo. This includes but is not limited to shadow boxing, sit-ups, rounds on the punching bags, eye-hand coordination exercises with a speed ball, moving drills, jump roping, and ultimately controlled sparring against peers in the program.

Coaches and Trainers

Each coach and trainer brings his or her past experience and training style to offer the participant a unique training experience aimed at helping the participant improve him or herself both mentally and physically. Trainers have a minimum Level one Canadian Boxing Certification.

Positive Effects Of The Youth Boxing Program

The positive effects of the program can be measured in terms of the personal developments of its participants.


Like most sports, boxing requires discipline. Boxing is unique that it is in a category of sports that by their very nature demand a high level of discipline and focus. Successful participants of the program are those that are able to develop that discipline and focus and ultimately extend that discipline to other areas of their lives.

Confidence, Self Esteem and Respect

Sports in general offer a chance for youth to be challenged and grow, developing confidence in themselves and in turn raising their self-esteem. The Beaver Boxing Club program offers an environment where youth will be challenged to participate in a very demanding sport and at the same time learn respect, not only for their peers that they train and compete with, but most importantly for themselves. Successful participants are the ones that through the program find new confidence in themselves through adopting the positive attitude necessary to endure and to be successful in the sport of boxing while at the same time developing respect for the sport and others both in and out of the ring.


Like most sports, boxing improves one’s health. Unlike most sports, boxing requires developing mind-body control and coordination to a level and in a manner that is unique to boxing. Through the program, participants are given the chance to improve their health. Successful participants are able to maintain their fitness throughout the duration of their training and outside of the gym also enjoy the benefits of being physically healthier. Boxing is also the perfect sport to fight the growing epidemic of obesity.

The Successful Team Members

Success in the program is not measured by how well the participant learns to box, although if the participant takes the program seriously, he or she will at the very least improve their health and acquire solid foundational knowledge of the sport of boxing. Rather, success in the program is measured by how well a participant is able to develop themselves by discipline and focusing their mental and physical energy in a positive direction. This is the type of success that The Beaver Boxing Club is most proud in recognizing because it is this type of success that leads the youth to success not only in the gym, but more importantly, in life.